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Meet Julia and hear her story!

Speaking topics:

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  • Looking Through a Keyhole: Get Inspired About this
    Chapter of Your Life Read More >
  • Insight on Patient-Centered Care Read More >

Julia Spencer, Speaker &
Author, with her Seeing Eye
guide dog Irene

Join Julia’s inspiring journey to independence. With only a keyhole-sized remnant of vision, Julia faces her new world with a feisty attitude, including welcoming Irene into her life.

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Rich experiences, resilience, and riveting storytelling:
Julia Spencer inspires others to take action.

A compelling professional speaker and award-winning author, Julia Spencer is a motivating force who inspires and empowers.

In her presentations, Julia tells her life stories of trials and triumphs. As she shares experiences of receiving devastating news – balanced with delightfully humorous anecdotes – Julia’s audience members see themselves in her stories. They walk away with thoughts to grow on.

Loss of any kind can immobilize us. Julia inspires you to reach for that essence she believes we all have within us, so you can overcome any obstacles you face.

Through her captivating stories, Julia reminds audiences that:

  • Self-esteem is one of the most important attributes we need for a happy and productive life. You’ll discover how you can regain your self-esteem.
  • Believing in yourself is the first step to changing your life. What’s keeping you from believing in yourself? Julia’s keen insight may provide you with potential answers.
  • Redefining yourself can shape your life. Julia’s entire life is about consciously redefining herself. She knows the steps – and will share them with you.
  • Do you wake up excited about your life? You can discover your passion – and be energized about your future. Let Julia guide you in this great adventure!

Backed by decades as a highly successful career woman, who broke through the “glass ceiling,” Julia continues to motivate and inspire audiences with her uplifting presentations.

Julia’s broad experience, work ethic, creativity, and never-say-die spirit gives her the ability to adapt her presentation to the specific needs of the group. Julia also conducts workshops with her same captivating, down-to-earth style. She has honed her presentation skills over 30 years, training thousands of people, from roundtable workshop environments to large audiences of several hundred people.

Rave reviews:

  • “Julia is a powerhouse who tells it like it is!”
  • “Julia, you captivated everyone in the room. They listened to your every word.”
  • “I love hearing you talk. My head is full of ideas to better myself.”
  • “In a room of 100 people, you could hear a pin drop. They paid attention to every word you said.”
  • “Our audience embraced Julia’s inspiring story and vibrant energy. Julia speaks from the heart, in a powerful style that is both warm and direct.”

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