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Woke up blind in one eye.

October 21st, 2011 by Julia Spencer

Wow, what a week. I woke up last Thursday blind in my right eye. It was red shot, and I had some discomfort and much concern.

After much ado, I was at my ophthalmologist at 8am. It was not my RP eye disease but my Len’s, which was inserted after a cataract was removed, was leaning on my eye and making it bleed. The back of my eye was full of blood, and my eye pressure was 31.

After a week of doctor’s appointments and daily eye drops I am recovering slowly and have regained some of my sight back. As the blood drains I hope to regain  what sight I had plus a lower eye pressure. It’s a waiting game.

With all that happening I still managed to get to my book discussion and book signing at Long Beach library. Thank you Carly for all your help and Tom for visiting us. Having already read my book your comments were helpful.  I had a great audience. Thank you all.