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My Goals on my 79th Birthday

October 26th, 2012 by Julia Spencer

It is 1am in the morning and I just woke up and a smile came on my face as I realized I am 79 years old today. So I got up to write my goals to accomplish by my 80th birthday.
• Continue to build my relationships with family and friends.
• Lose 40 pounds and increase my dopamine and receptors for a healthy body.
• Publish my book I’m Not Stupit, I’m Dyslexic.
• Continue marketing Looking Through a Keyhole.
• Launch my web site on “How To Redefine Yourself.”
• Conduct speaking engagements and workshops on “How To Redefine Yourself: The key to a Fulfilling and Meaningful Life.”
• Go shopping.

Did you know that statistics show that people who write their goals down have a 80% higher accomplishment rate than those who do not record them.