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My SeeingEye dog Irene

October 25th, 2012 by Julia Spencer

Today I’m off to a speaking engagement at The Fountains At Cedar Parke,an independent living facility. Irene, my Seeing Eye guide dog is so cooperative. She lays next to the podium, looking pretty, sometimes nods off, until she hears her name and then looks up at me with her soulful eyes. At the end of the Q & A segment, I take the harness off Irene and let the seniors pet her. She knows her role and gets excited as the harness comes off, she heads toward the nearest person. Her tail wags as she sits in front of each person and lets them pet her. She plays the room. When she is finished and I put the harness on her, she is happy to go back to work taking care of me. We are a team. Everyone falls in love with Irene. Too see Irene in a you tube video go to