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Looking Through a Keyhole: A Memoir

By Julia Spencer

bookJoin Julia Spencer’s inspiring journey to independence while losing her vision to retinitis pigmentosa. In Looking Through a Keyhole, Julia shares her fears, hopes, and most candid responses to living with a progressive, untreatable disease – and her shrinking visual world. With humor and a feisty attitude, she begins to accept vision loss and welcomes her guide dog Irene into her life.

Through a keyhole-sized remnant of vision, Julia discovers a deeper understanding of her family and her world. The confines of her vision loss cannot restrain the vibrant energy and independence of this remarkable woman.

  • If you are struggling with any life-altering condition, you’ll find Julia Spencer’s story inspiring.
  • If you are a doctor, student, or other professional in the healthcare field, Looking Through a Keyhole is a must-read. Exceptionally clear and candid, you’ll gain insight into the doctor-patient relationship.
  • If you love guide dogs, you’ll enjoy reading about Julia’s journey as she was matched with her guide dog – and grew to trust and love Irene.

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Julia Spencer Julia Spencer


More Reviews About Julia

“Julia Spencer’s relationships – those with her physician, the Commission for the Blind and, of course, her wonderful family – intimately teach us about the challenges (and the benefits) of losing one’s vision. Most of all, Looking Through a Keyhole reflects Julia’s striking ability to adapt to, and ultimately embrace, a newfound freedom.”
– Ami Cuneo, medical student
The Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University

“Julia has a great writing style – genuine, sincere, and captivating. The conversations will draw you in…. Most of all, she reveals her innermost feelings in a way few other authors on blindness do.”
– Dean and Naomi Tuttle, authors of Self-Esteem and Adjusting With Blindness

“The dream in the opening paragraph was terrifying and the only dream I have ever liked in a book…. People will want to read your story – and will take it to heart – I did.”
– Bruce Jay Friedman, author and screenwriter of Splash

“Inspirational as humor alternates with bleak reality in a fine balance between description and emotional response.”
– Walt Giersbach, author of Cruising the Green of Second Avenue

“The writing is alive … the narrative digs back into past attitudes and events, and the self-examination regarding lack of trust and the need for independence are honest and compelling.”
– Diana Elliott, writer and editor