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Redefine Yourself:
The Key to Reaching Your Full Potential!

Throughout our lives we unconsciously redefine ourselves. In this presentation, Julia Spencer challenges audiences to consciously redefine themselves to achieve their desired goals.

Julia notes that we are constantly bombarded with adversity on life’s path, and these obstacles command our attention. She challenges audiences to recognize that life is not about overcoming adversity and focusing on the “obstacle of the day.” Instead, life has much to offer when you redefine yourself, meet your goals, and reach your full potential.

With warmth and conviction, Julia shares her story and motivates audiences, infusing them with the confidence to leap over obstacles to achieve their goals. She offers specific, how-to advice to:

  • Clarify and visualize your goal
  • Implement a plan of action
  • Change your negative inner dialog
  • Eliminate notions that aren’t working for you
  • And, ultimately, redefine yourself

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More Reviews About Julia

“Julia inspires you to wake up every day with a positive outlook, knowing that an opportunity awaits!”
– P.R.

“You’re my hero and my role model. You’ve changed my life. I now have a plan of action!”
– A.L.