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Thought-provoking and inspiring, Julia’s presentations spark insight and action

“I was on a panel with Julia Spencer. I presented the clinical information about retinitis pigmentosa along with the physician’s role as counselor and advocate. Julia presented the patient’s point of view, navigating through the health care system with a progressive, untreatable disease. She explained her particular struggles and offered her insight and perspective of the value of the doctor-patient relationship. I was mesmerized by her presentation. I found it invaluable to listen to her experiences with very intelligent but not very compassionate physicians … and how advice and counseling from her physicians could have made the adjustments easier. Julia is a compelling speaker, and she does it with grace and humor, and with the intent of educating physicians on the importance of treating the patient as much as treating the disease. I came away from the session with a deeper understanding. Your students and faculty will find there is much to learn from patients like Julia, and I doubt there is any patient more equipped to fill this role than she is.”
View Dr. Migliori’s full letter of recommendation.

– Michael E. Migliori, MD, FACS

Clinical Professor of Surgery (Ophthalmology)
The Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University
Chief, Division of Ophthalmology, Rhode Island Hospital

Note: After reading Julia Spencer’s book, Looking Through a Keyhole, Dr. Migliori invited Julia to give a lecture to the medical students. She was asked to share her perspective on living with a genetic disease as well as specific experiences with doctors. Dr. Migliori firmly believes doctors have a duty to take care of the “whole patient,” and he teaches this philosophy to his medical students.

“Julia Spencer gave the medical students at Brown University an inspired and passionate presentation about her journey with visual impairment. My classmates were thrilled to meet her – they found her spunky, vivacious, and insightful nature to be invaluable as we learn to care for the whole patient.”

– Ami Cuneo, medical student and creator of this elective course

The Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University

“Julia is a communication all-star. … While some people talk about doing something with their life and complain, Julia Spencer has decided that she will live her life with a positive attitude, and her communication reflects it. She inspires the rest of us to take a closer look at ourselves and the way we see the world.”

– Steve Adubato, TV and radio personality, newspaper columnist, and communication coach

“Julia’s speaking style was direct, candid, and sprinkled with humorous anecdotes. She made immediate contact with the audience and kept their attention. Julia Spencer is a particularly accomplished speaker, one well worth engaging for your group.”

– Grace Bingham, EdD

President, Green Briar Woodland Book Club, New Jersey

“Julia has the ability to connect with the audience and comfortably share her experiences and struggles. She is charming and humble, yet spirited and resilient! Everyone was captivated by her story. Plus, we were excited to meet Irene, Julia’s guide dog, and learn about their experiences. The bond of love and trust between Julia and Irene is a joy to witness. Julia’s story tells us that, through your own inner strength, you can overcome obstacles in your life – and you can enhance the quality of your life with an uplifting attitude.”

– Dara A. Chaty, Crestwood Manor

“Julia’s presentation was heartwarming and uplifting, just as I expected. What I had not planned on, was that she would be such an inspiration to everyone at our Town Hall meeting. Julia’s story of hardship and triumph replicates a story in the life of each and every one of us. Whatever the story, the strength and love of the human spirit that is within each us can pull us through any circumstance. Julia’s presentation stands out – it was an inspiration!”

– Melissa Clark, The Pines at Whiting

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